All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.

Patriotic Wisdom

Peace starts at home. This is the seed of patriotism. Love and protection have to go together. Love is to be gentle and sacrificial. Also sacrificial is protection which is to do with aggression of no anger. Smart love and smart protection are not always violent but always caring and understanding.

Protecting or loving each others need both kindness and a limit of interference. This is to do with healthy relationship and harmony.

Smashing, arguing and shouting at a kid is usually not good because this can deprive the kid. After a kid is told with reasons, the kid should be left alone if he/she doesn't stop nagging; yet reminding the kid about the reasons should be available time to time to make the kid to be able to think and behave.

Smashing a bug for one's baby doesn't mean love or protection either but unwise violent action to do with bad teaching and bad understanding - this might need to be banned for kids under 10. Up to the baby's mentality, this might also make the baby to fear (the smasher) but not always. Learning violence is not always from home but learning peace and having confidence. Saying so because peace making is peace doing for wider society that starts from home. Humanity grows from loving thought and careful action.

Kids who know they are good have confidence. Knowing the bad things as good thing is being misled for failures in the future which are harmful to the society.

Without understanding how to be considerate always leads to misunderstanding and quick temper. Quick temper usually leads to quick conclusion and half-finished thought and consequently making uncertain decision.

Many failures included broken family, cracked friendship, outcasted life are always to do with unwise decisions.

Wise decision comes from complete thoughts but how can such thinking ever exist? Since complete thoughts or wise conclusion made of complete research cannot be achieve easily, simply people need certain shields to protect from guilt.

What are these shields? We all know them actually so you won't be surprised. Well, love and protection need unselfish sacrifices.

Thus, children should be taught how to be able to tolerate desire and endure pains. How hard it is, parenting is the teaching of how to be wise, how to live a life that has limits, how to lead toward goals, how to deal with progress and regress, to see paths that lead to peace and the paths that lead to sufferings, etc.

As parenting is teaching, the parents teach a kid how to eat, how to walk, how to talk, how to see, how to think, how to understand and how to behave. These teachings have to go on until the kid reaches the time to be independent. Therefore, the kid also needs to be taught how to be independent also.

A kid should learn how to live in silence, serenity and how to deal with being alone. Self entertaining is a special skill every kid needs. There are lessons in social activities and there are lessons in personal activities.

Usually, social animals can suffer from separation, isolation and loneliness. As human can have solutions when association is not an option, this skill should be an option. People need to be alone sometimes especially to dream, to think, to learn and to rest. The ones, especially young kids or teenagers who cannot deal with or who cannot tolerate to be alone for necessary moments, might not learn much despite they are smart enough to know what they don't know.
Counseling a kid is also needed as good parenting.

Without sufficient readiness to be independent, nobody is really ready for real life; thus, cannot deal with the problems of love and protection in the society. And the society doesn't have peace.

The people who do not love each others cannot protect themselves from harms. Love and protection always go together. Without the right sacrifices for love and protection, a nation cannot be strong. Without patriotic wisdom, a country cannot survive.

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