All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.

After The Last Song

No easy to make money honestly
No easy to steal and lie
Be good or bad, never hard to guess!
Oh! Should be easy to rob and cheat!
Let nobody make morals and true friendship
Thieves and liars with Humanity
Cheaters may run a world!
No matter they can’t lead us all happy and prosperous!

Is there freedom in heaven?
Before the corrupt start manmade corrections,
Can we discuss justice with God? We need power sharing!

Isn’t this a God-made world? Wasn’t supposed to perfect it!
So God sent his son and his prophets for improvements!
Or would entire mankind get to hell?
His prophets yet countered what his son had to seal off!
But not how to deal with the atheists!

A simple question for you…
Would everybody go to hell anyway
After the last day and night
No pain and delight to be left anywhere
After the last fight
There would be no light and sanity
After the last judgment
No life left to decide what’s right and wrong
After the last appearance
The stars wouldn’t twinkle anymore
After the last blooming, the scent would farewell the world
After the last clarification
The space would be left empty and dark?

After the last song
From my heart
Heard from both heaven and hell
Let me get away from here
Holding the hand of my angel everlastingly!

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