All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.


A fool
Drank coffee before going to bed
And could not sleep;
As night wandering in the dark!

In the hungry darkness
Voices of silence
Kidnapped the night

They raped
And murdered to the next day
Nobody heard, nobody saw, nobody noticed
Full with sweet
Helpless nights like the virgins in blue;

As tortured voices had loudened
Beyond human frequency;
Deafness sang ‘ignorance is bliss’!

The earth is made of bones
That’s where crops are grown;
The sea is made of tears
That’s where souls of deaths live;

Sweet or sour
Just eat more
As hungry the world moved ahead
Be sweet or sour!

Chaos disarrays; it’s the business of the day

Life is cheap, peace is costly
Nothing individually without the society - you and me…so
Sacrifice yourself to make everybody else happy!
Leave me alone!
Humanity is corrupt
Dream after dream erupted as though there were a utopia
And dreamers disappeared behind masks
Insincerity never gives up searching for new dreamers
Possessed …
Red faces, blue faces
Neon eyes glow – casting over the heroes
And prophets preach
As the earth is blessed for tomorrow
Every today, prayers fail to revive the dead hearts
Zombies in the brains for wisdoms
With promises, Sorrows rain their love arrows!
The Mongo archers bowed!

Capitalism a tornado in grassland
Communism a bush fire as ashes its path
Socialism painted beautiful colours over the empty cloud
Militarism rapes civilization
And religions …

May I sleep tonight?
A loser sighs and dry leaves fall in the wind
O poet! How can you be laughing?

Seismic intellect training
Wash my head every morning with a cup of coffee
Richter scale of heartbeats

And find the beauty in words –
Unique or foggy, I don’t care!
Less coffee tonight
Sleep and stare…

Can’t take it anymore
Being too much already in my heart
Problems around the world
I’ve got my fair share! I’m done! That’s enough!
You see…
They only believe in the God who biases against others’ goodness!
They only believe in the God who is blind to see sufferings!
They only believe in the God who allows them to do anything…
So they have changed His words so far!
They only believe in the God who lets them take anything from the people
Whoever they are!
They only believe in the God who forgives their crimes take them to His heaven!
They only believe in the God who lives in their hearts making all destructions!

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