All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.


Natural Law & Free Will

Natural law is not the condition for Free Will.

Think about five senses:
Eyes are made to see. Light is the source. Sight is not possible without light.
Ears are made to hear. Sound is the source. Hearing is not possible without sound.
Nose is made for smell. Gases are the source…
Skins are made for touch sense. Touching is the source. Cold and heat are the source of the touch too. Touch may not be possible without these sources.
Tongue is made for taste sense. Flavour is the source…

And the mind is also conditioned to perceive the mental objects – such as emotion, memory, etc.

And there are two conditions, good and bad, for sense and about sources. Satisfactory and dissatisfactory may occur. But a person may deny both emotions and keep the mind in either neutral state or indifferent state.

And two conditions can arise: to increase or decrease. Both may happen in turn.

Free Will exists with a very thin layer as ‘choice’ - relatively. Yet that’s not real Free Will; it’s only free within given framework.

*Nobody can choose what doesn’t exist.

Free Will is obviously a mental state concerning choice. Yet one has to choose what is given or exist naturally. Free Will can be applied at whether to choose to care or not. A person may control the mind like driving a car on the given lane. The lane for the mind is either to care something (good, bad, neutral) or to be indifferent.

Free Will doesn’t exist with the body. Five senses will occur with the body no matter what state the mind is in or even when the mind doesn’t notice them – e.g. during sleeping. Whatever is eaten will become part of the body as the body absorbs whatever that is in the food. Some may be not nutrients the body need that are being absorbed into the body with necessary nutrients. Free Will cannot determine what to come in or not.

With ignorance, Free Will doesn’t exist. Although knowledge will open up more varieties to choose from, ignorance limits every one of us not to have better choices that might available around. Ignorance also obscures us from knowledge and skill.

To apply the Free Will, it seems we need a special awareness of the body and the mind developed from the knowledge of possible ‘Loopholes’ of the law of nature. A certain genius might be out there talented enough to know these loopholes!

Certainly not me! 

One thing but I can say is - if someone says, ‘free will exists!’, then that person must have found a loophole in the natural law. Just try to ask what that is and get your share of knowledge.

We can think another thing that matters to us.
It’s about independence.

Whether human can exist independently is not a dispute if you understand about Free Will. What I mean by that is we can be independent in limit or from a specific thing or things. A country can be independent from the direct authority of other countries – apart from that every country has to depend on other countries for economy, peace, lifestyle, culture, and maybe everything else. Also the citizens and residents of a country are depending on the collective contributions of all of them. One way or another, we share something and we can’t exist without doing so. (Thus, how can make you great is to have: kindness, moral lifestyle, educating oneself, and doing anything that is positively good.)

Being dependent is the world. This is the extent of my vision. Depending on one another are all physical and mental factors of existence.

Life depends on life. A being depends on other beings.

The universe - it can be understood with the analogy of an unravel-able ball of web, infinity years old, its end and its start meet somewhere neatly, yes, somewhere which is hidden so far away from our humanly intelligence or perhaps in the very bottom of the unfathomable well of the superhuman intelligence which is waiting for anyone to achieve, for anyone who dares to succeed, it is with the size possibly unimaginable, and it might be residing in the infinite space.

If the universe is finite, the space must not be finite. As already replaced by many, multiverse should replace universe universally. I believe many feel the word universe is misleading and religious.

I cannot understand how scientifically and philosophically space has been viewed to be finite. I just have to dismiss that claim as unrealistic but merely imaginative. A finite space is impossible philosophically, unreasonable by not asking what exists outside a finite space if it also isn’t space, and mathematically cannot be logical without keep adding infinite number of zeros behind one.

To let something exist, there must be a space for it.

Even God must be in the Space if He had to exist. Nothing can exist without a space of its own. Every single matter, every single cell, every single being and every single thing needs a space within and a space it is in. Hence, space is not the thing that can be created. Space is not something conditional as much as it cannot be created. Space is the ever existence, cannot be destroyed or replaced, permanently real and constantly the same.

Even if nothing existed before what we know as multiverse, Space must be the Existence.

Hence any possible explanation of the start of existence by meaning there-was-nothing-before will doom or just willing imagination.

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