All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.

ST. P. (1-15)

I honestly would like to see the face to face talk of ethnic leaders and other concerned leaders of Burmese politics. And it should lead to reconciliation and an agreement for integration and federation. I would like to see such events are held within Burma but ...
First, there must be freedom of speech for open discussion. Without this, Burma's parliament will not become a place for discussing about a better future for all different peoples of Burma. Seven Step Roadmap is now twenty years old yet it has not allowed to speak a word.
So alternatively, they, the concerned leaders better revive the old agreement. Pinlon Agreement should be brought forward as the speaking agreement. However, I don't believe such agreement should include the destiny of the peoples of Burma. It must only concentrate on the peaceful coexistence and autonomy as integration. Burma is still at war. The only acceptable condition is, I believe, to keep Burma in tack with self-governing states - with common goals and common interests. After a few generations passed, people will decide for themselves whatever they want.
I would like to see such a discussion are taking place as soon as possible as a series of discussion till a good agreement appears. It would be great if a certain neighboring country is willing to host such an event. Or I would like it happens at a venue provided by the United Nation - then it could even be in Burmese jungle or in the United STates.


China to Award Prize to Rival Nobel
tHEN, WE we should nominate Than Shwe for China's first Confucius Peace Prize.

TELLING YOUR ENEMY How they're wrong is what's wrong. It's like advisory free of charge. Yes, we respect each others as we fight for the same goal and we know who's who and we don't have to show-off anymore. But we have to show ourselves wisely in a way/writing style/message which the enemy is not served. :)
I like You guys fighting for the people of Burma. But you seem to help the junta indirectly.

E.g. In 'Different Thinking and Philosophy by Kanbawza Win': Another pointer is that her repeated remark, “don't want to see the military falling. I want to see the military rising to dignified heights of professionalism and true patriotism,” a wish widely believe by the majority of the military personnel send cold shivers through the spines of senior Generals as they sense that many a Young Turks may imitate the one and only patriotic Muslim soldier Ohn Kyaw Myint to save the country. Even now several hundred disgruntled soldiers from battalions in Rangoon and Pegu divisions, along with their families went to see the release of Daw Suu with the hopes that the lady might be the solution to their woes.


POLITICAL SHORT - come short of Idea


well, NLD called for true negotiation with the junta led by than shwe during the past 20 years. and still true negotiation and reconciliation can happen - if the junta wants such sincerity from the pro-democracy side. the actual mindset of the junta is however the-winner-keeps-all style - and it has all the powers and moneys and as long as it has the baking of powerful neighbor like China in international political arena, it won't negotiate with anyone ...

but as Waihnin said in her speech, the actual pressure can be there - indirectly. Such indirect action is a direction against the junta's supporters - it only will happen if the free-world wants the world becoming freer and reformed for freedoms which values in the free countries. as long as economy is more important than freedom, even in the free-world, then the world will be just economic world - and freedoms will lose the ground with some undesirable consequences such as 2000+ sincere freedom fighters are to be in the jail including peace loving Buddhist monks and democratic leaders who can sincerely reform Burma.

if the world does love to see the domination of China from the east to the west, then keep the influxes of junk made-in-china for actual Euro, Dollar, Pond ...

Whilst I hated to see the success of the communists, I fail to accept the failure of another junta's supporter India for its democratic practices and hosting the freedom fighters, such as Burmese and Tibetan activists, on its soil. Whist Burmese democracy has a lot to learn from India - such as literature and culture which have influenced Burma for centuries, India has failed herself toward China - whilst the west has also been looking to the east, India has not looked to the west's looking-to-the-east.

What is India has to lose? And Japan? In supporting China, both India and Japan can gain lots of economic grounds - but is it the long-term reality? China is claiming not being aggressive against its neighbors but supporting stability. Can the world see that rhetoric be sincere? Whilst China tries to gain both economic ground and political ground, its pursuits of becoming a world power is to balance the freedom the world has enjoyed with its suppressive amphibian-ism of communist capitalism. Is that true the world has everything to gain from China by supporting it?

DEMOCRATIC China would be a better neighbor which we better expect than the devil ... this one!

Is China really showing its muscles?

China has military and numbers and now economy... it seems China wants to claim Japan's markets as well. Or just a show? I wonder if the show relates to Burma's election distraction. Concerning to Burma's election, with their supports to the junta, both China and Japan might see eye to eye in this issue - if not about the Senkaku Islands. But why suddenly now China has to make such an event a global alert?


China warns against interfering in Myanmar polls

So China is worthy of Killer Than Shwe too! Red carpet has been laid again for him. And with jealousy, China had to warn the world, "don't come close to my prize!!!"

And Killer Than Shwe has been guaranteed not to worry about what the world would react on the result of the next election - just do as desired - (in other words, just go back to Burma and cheat the election openly).

As Burmese, we have to invite the world to observe the cheaters and get the complete pictures of how they cheat... and unity of thieves is, I must say, never a good thing - for us; and for the world too? Well, the UN knows it all and just being at odd situation about what have been happening with these cheaters...

I understand European Union has been neutral politically under the charms of economic opportunities just opened for it (or in its making). Good to make people wealthier and more prosperous... to ward PEACE... and the vast picture of the world is quite colourful... and as these complex colours mixing up gradually, we will see the grey eventually - that might be the twilight of democracy... and

What about the general prospect of democracy toward the Free-world?

As the emperor of Burma has touched the land of Red Army, and being welcomed under the Red Flag, with all sorts of guarantees, which EU leaders would not get for some reasons, can we expect any prospect of the effectiveness of the Free-world's general actions?!

As we have to see if any other killers would be welcomed that way too, other than the North Korean leaders, ...

as the election is not an election, what are those participating in the election?
Whoever they are, they will be who they are now; nothing will change because the election is not ...
the army will wear army uniform under the civilian costume. the thugs will wear their thuggish uniforms under the civilian costume.

But what will the civilians wear then? What the ones now participating in that election will wear? That same civilian costumes?

As the election is not an election, the representatives will not be representatives; just whoever they are
but not representatives of the people. Without election, the parliament will not be a parliament - it will be just where they can go vacation and get paid for reading what are written from above and reporting whatever passed by their censorship board.

Then what will the one participating in election will do? Would they go and play seek-and-hide in the toilets of that holiday building? Yeah! I'm thinking about that... but they cannot be blamed for making the election look like an election. They will certainly blamed if they fail to find a way out from these toilets.

Funny people do funny things and I write some funny stuffs to entertain myself and whoever bother to read my blog! But it won't be funny if you're trapped in toilets!

But what about those who are trapped in the uniforms?

The world is asked ... being asked ....

The world has not replied yet ... hello, world!

The world is not replying ... then what about our leaders? Hello, leaders!

Hello! ______ LEADERS?!!!

Leaders are not replying either!!!

Well, then these BIG ones trapped in the uniforms will not be rescued! They will have to die in their army uniforms!!!


I'm so sorry that I can't help!!!




China and Burma have agreed to use India for a while!

By giving India some expectation, it will take the hook, it will bite it hard and it will swallow it.

Now, the hook is in the throat ... not yet in the stomach.

And INDIA is not pulling the hook out ... in believing in its triumphant relationship with the junta -

It wasn't like a hook a few years back but now China has had lots of influences in the region, in the world... and India seems to be falling and falling ... both technologically and economically.

Intellectually China is not open. It's a close society. India seems to be an open society ... is it? Whilst a close society has achieved so much - mainly due to leadership quality, an open society is falling far behind - due to what?

India has internal wars and brutality and hypocrisy of being world largest democracy. China has extreme oppression and brutality and hypocrisy of the world economy. Yeah, quite different!

So democracy has been beaten badly by economy!!!


Jews Served for Nazi

How great a people might be, it must always have its version of black-sheep; people are people; they must share pleasure and tear, bad and special. Alas, the Jews must be aware of these people that they can exist everywhere in Jewish society then and now.

For we People from Burma, we must see and know those who the black-goats are ... here and there, then and now ... what should we do about them? Well, we better dissociate with them. Worse is if they have taken such and such roles and have been allowed to do what they want to ... they won't give us beautiful dreams but if they do, they won't make these dreams come true...

We from Burma usually have good will for others and would do good things. At the same time, we know there are the ones totally opposite from these general standard. They have taken the power and have ruled the country. They shouldn't be allowed to do the same in Burmese societies in foreign lands - whether they have powers, connections, wealth, education and knowhow.

Those foreign partners, activists against Burma's military junta, pro-democratic dream, working for democracy and human rights, should see these black-goats and avoid them; at the same time, should put more effort on ideology and strategy for democracy in Burma.

By not giving up hope, but by empowering the potential of those sincere, Burma should be able to shine naturally again eventually.


So these days are dog-days...

It's stupid for the junta to seek Nuclear weapon as it can bring all international attention. But how much do they really care about such international attention?

Imagine if the junta could achieve a level of nuclear power ...

Isn't it the reason why they sought it quietly?
But now a North Korean messenger has arrived to King's town... this could mean that they are open to the world and showing the signal that they'll pursue whatever they like to openly ... from now on?

I personally don't like the junta succeed such power. They are arrogant now. If they had such power ...

If they had such power, our democratic goal will not be achieved without witnessing a mushroom cloud... and this is the reason and that means we wouldn't get there ever!

Hope everyone understand this and stop the mad military Doggies!!!


Is the junta's view on North Korea reflects ASEAN's view or some of ASEAN countries' view? Thailand shouldn't be included in this but it's a major funding country for the cause of the Burma's military - for whatever reason.

Obviously ASEAN's support for the junta is not waning. Perhaps, they don't buy nuclear information from the junta. And they allowed the junta to escape ... through their Foreign Minister. Although they have no power to keep the junta to listen to what they have to say, since they ASEAN leaders have nothing much to say since the junta was admitted into their loop-shaped circle being swayed in the winds of the Burma's military brutes - obviously the wittiest amongst them, they ASEAN leaders look quite content whatever happening politically and militarily in the ring; Burma doesn't look like a valerian but prbotagonistically dominating inside the ring.

Fearing what doesn't deserve their fear but not fearing what they should, sometimes politics is quite silly!

What actually is the political goal of ASEAN?
The intentions of both China and India are clear and straightforward - to control the region and to counterbalance "by SHARING THE RESOURCES" of Burma. Clear, aren't they?

And now North Korea is coming walking straight, chest raised, nose touching soil of the 'Red' planet, across the faces of Japan and South Korea, and perhaps carrying Good News to the junta ...

As though ASEAN had to let a big fish escape into the hand of India which ended up lending moneys to the junta in the terms of COUNTER BALANCING CHINA ..., it's clear they ALL are heading to listen to the junta's teenagers' taste "Baby, Say 'YES'" in the arena for 2010 sELECTION show.

Lyrics | Taylor Swift lyrics - Love Story lyrics


Uh! No wonder Than Shwe is laughing all along.

Why does he needs that money from India whilst he can even afford to develop nuclear weapon? Because he has to develop that weapon and no money for something else? Maybe! We all know how the Burmese soldiers are starved and deprived - obviously I don't mean the elites or those close to the tops.

But why, why does he need that money as it's not that much anyway?
What I understand is it's just a test. Now he knows, we know, how much India is committed to him particularly. Now we know. But what is his interpretation from that money? Does he think Indian government is now one of his card he can play?

When The Thais lent money to the junta, what happened to these Thais? Didn't they end up protecting the junta? Well, their moneys were huge though so they had to get them back. And any other scenarios of other lender countries?

Burma has resources both human and natural. And she has ever consuming markets as well for all regional exporters as she produces only agricultural products or other low qualities only good for local customers. So Burma is not a poor country in terms of importing. She just imports everything and exports laborers.

So she is attractive enough for the regional exporters although she has not being able to pose like a European model.

The more Burma looks attractive, the better for the junta to fish any ponds around her.

Yes, Than Shwe looked very amused.



Being his Ass on Nepyidaw, Burma, his back has been on ASEAN and one of his leg on China; now another leg is supported by India and one arm is on North Korea and another arm is on Iran.

So the junta looks quite giant as the generals view themselves the manipulators playing regional politics as they want to play.

It has made ASEAN to protect it, China and India to need it, whilst North Korea seems its military partner in developing special power. But after it had such power, North Korea would have to face the fate of ASEAN for sure.

Well, that's how politics of the day!

Obviously both China and India will be needed for a long time as they are the ones that can make the criminals stand tall in the world.

RIGHT WAY to them anyway

Can Expelling Burma from ASEAN make any achievement for the group?
Yes, that action can restore the dignity of ASEAN. If ASEAN thinks it never ever had such a dignity to be restored, then it doesn't need to do anything.

Obviously ASEAN wants to salvage its dignity by whatever means - and it has chosen to protect its idea of bringing Burma into its political and economic game. ASEAN knows they were wrong in bringing the criminals into their circle.

ASEAN leaders have believed it must protect the war monger criminals in saving the face of their organization ASEAN.

the Maze around Than Shwe

I think we don't have to talk about coming Election too much. Let the talking go to the credible countries, the UN and other human right organizations. What most necessary is, I think, the information and evidences of every single event happened daily regarding to that election. This election deserves a special approach from Burma's media.

Dangers in acquiring information is never doubted. Yet this time it's ...

I have noticed ASEAN seems becoming divided over Burma's issues. But this election is, yes, as Mr. Zin Linn described how Amnesty International described, critical to ASEAN's credibility.

But do they, most ASEAN countries, really care? You know which countries I'm talking about. If there ever cared, they might still care.

But... another but is Burma's junta has well put ASEAN, especially Thailand this time, right under its dirty nose. Abisit is to visit Burma and Than Shwe is to visit India. Would the two events happen at the same time?

On the other hand, the Red were expected to win as the were supporting Thanksin the former PM of Thailand, a best friend of Burma's ugly generals. But a spike in their nose Abisit won and ... you can imagine how ogre-faced Than Shwe might have been on that and why he tries to visit the Hanumans. Those monkeys have been used or manipulated to be game-ready for years. Monkeys in Thailand are used for picking coconuts. But in Than Shwe's game, they would be picking up China's leftovers.

Well, you can keep wondering why things happened as they did recently between Burma and Thailand.

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