All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Burmese)

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 9:

Those who have the kindness of benefit for others

For the sake of living beings, do not relax their powers.

Though these holy beings bear a heavy burden,

They never put it down and dwell in discouragement.

*the Great Chariot Sutra*

Burma is known as a golden land made of several ranges (or ‘Yoma’ in Burmese) where thousands of tribal memories, wisdoms, religions, cultures and beauties of plants and animals dwell. The rivers, all of them are indeed important to the people and other existences, snake through these beautiful mountainous regions and flow from the north to the south where Indian Ocean is. The peoples, Burma has 103 ethnics, all of them used to be really generous and all they knew was to give.

Since the modern day’s dictators have systematically destroyed, now the golden land is famous for its narcotic trades, refugees, migrant workers and various atrocities and sufferings.

One day, we’ll be free again and the land will be again famous for its beauty.

If SINGULARITY was that Small!

I'm arguing with the singularity - from wiki Big Bang.

What Could Condense the Milk?

I would take the Big Bang theory if only I got an explanation on what (force)could have shrunk the matters down into such tiny condensation before the Big Bang. I have to know if there is such force still outside our universe, like gravity, that can bring all the matters in this universe into singularity as small as assumed size.

I don't believe any black holes out there can be strong enough to swallow all masses. Even if all black holes were put together as a single body Giant, I don't believe that black hole would be able to shrink itself into that small size.

Masses and and all the matters in the universe will not allow themselves to be jam-packed by any known force, also that Black Hole, into that small singularity. The combined energy from all corners of the entire universe must be equal to the energy inside that singularity. If that single Black Hole cannot do the task, what else could have done to condense the universe down that size?

Extrapolation of the expansion of the Universe backwards in time using general relativity yields an infinite density and temperature at a finite time in the past.

I cannot accept the word infinite density in that explanation. I don't believe it's possible. One reason is the single black hole has its limit and cannot overcome the resistant (and friction) of its own mass. Matters will resist once they reached a certain level of density. "Infinite" must be wrong and cannot be explained.

As time were finite, as space were finite and exist only within that singularity, and there were nothing as outside, how could there be inside and infinite as density? And there must be an explanation for how that infinite density then is still infinite density now - the universe must not have lost its energy as the claim is there was no outside.

Even if string theory were taken as reality, matters from the wavelet level, or smallest level, must have resistance to shrinkage. That infinite density can not be reality. Otherwise, it will become transcendental idea - there was no matter nor energy but something immaterial. Then we could say - it didn't need anything: "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing,"

The Obvious

There you see!
If gravity, as the single Black Hole could not shrink the universe into that size,
If the "infinite density" is not explained
If there is no force outside the universe, as there were no outside,

I cannot believe the universe would have started from the singularity that size!

But I'm not saying "God did da bitch!" (no offense - just for the sake of sense of humor)

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